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                       TACKSAS V PRO
                      TACKS                                        STARRING CCM’S EXCLUSIVE ONE-PIECE BOOT

                                                                   POWER TECHNOLOGY, THIS  SKATE  PROVIDES
                                                                   SUPERIOR ENERGY TRANSFER AND A CLOSER FIT,
                                                                   COMBINED WITH A CARBON CONSTRUCTION TO
                      AS-V PRO                                     SUPPORT THE  MOST INTENSE  SKATING  STRIDES
                                                                   THAT  A PLAYER CAN DELIVER.  THIS SKATE IS
                                                                   BUILT FOR STRENGTH AND POWER WHILE BEING
                                                                   EXTREMELY  LIGHTWEIGHT.  THE  POWERFLEX
                                                                   TENDON ALLOWS PLAYERS TO ENJOY INCREASED
                                                                   RANGE OF MOTION  AND FULLER STRIDES.  THE
                                                                   XS METATOMIC  TONGUE FITS GREAT  AND HAS
                                                                   EMBEDDED D3O® SMART MATERIAL FOR  THE
                                                                   VERY BEST PROTECTION. PLAYERS HAVE  THE
                                                                   ABILITY  TO  SELECT  WHICH  PERFORMANCE  AND
                                                                   FINISH OF STEP STEEL RUNNERS BEST SUITS
                                                                   THEIR GAME, AND THERE IS NO WRONG ANSWER.

                                                                     TECH 001
                                                                   ONE-PIECE BOOT POWER

                                                                   FOR  THE MODERN POWER SKATER  WITH INTENSE
                                                                   STRIDES LOOKING FOR EXPLOSIVENESS  WITHOUT
                                                                   RESTRICTION.  PLAYERS GET MORE DIRECT ENERGY
                                                                   TRANSFER AND A CLOSER FIT.

                                                                     TECH 002
                                                                   POWERFLEX TENDON
                                                                   IMPROVED RANGE OF  MOTION  FOR FULLER STRIDES AND
                                                                   INCREASED SKATING POWER.

                                                                     TECH 003
                                                                   REPLACEABLE METATOMIC TONGUE
                                                                   WITH D3O® FOAM

                                                                   MULTI-LAYER 7MM  TONGUE  WITH  ASYMMETRICAL FLEX
                                                                   POINT FOR A BETTER WRAP AND EMBEDDED D3O® SMART
                                                                   MATERIAL FOR ULTIMATE PROTECTION
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