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                                ONE-PIECE BOOT

                                                     THE ULTIMATE FIT

                                        FOOT MOLD CREATION

                                   With the help of the CCM 3D Fit Scanner, we recreate a mold of your
                                     extact foot shape to achieve the best-possible fit for your game.

                                             CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOM OPTIONS

                  STEP 1  Get fit using the CCM 3D Fit Scanner.      STEP 2  Select your custom One-Piece boot.

                                                                       JETSPEED FT2 SKATES    SUPER TACKS AS3 PRO SKATES

                    Select your steel.
                                                                         Select your tongue.
                  STEP 3      SPEEDBLADE XS1                          STEP 4

                            SPEEDBLADE XS1 BLACK
                                                                        METATOMIC          PRO          LIGHTWEIGHT
                                                                     ASYMMETRICAL // 7 MM  BLACK FELT // 10 MM

                  STEP 5  Select your laces.                          STEP 6  Add your name and number to the tongue.

                       PRO COTTON         WAXED


         45.5017º                     N                  X                 73.5673º                     W
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