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                            T ACK S  AS 3

                            P RO                                  READY TO TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL? INTRODUCING
                                                                  THE NEW SUPER  TACKS  AS3 PRO  —  THE MOST CUSTOMIZABLE
                                                                  SKATE TO EVER HIT THE ICE. EQUIPPED WITH AN OPTIMIZED ONE-
                                                                  PIECE BOOT  AND GROUNDBREAKING XS  TONGUE  TECHNOLOGY,
                                                                  THESE  WHEELS ARE  ENGINEERED TO MAXIMIZE YOUR  COMFORT
                                                                  AND GIVE YOU FASTER FEET.

                                                                               TECH 001
                                                                             XS TONGUE
                                                                             THIS  GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGY TAKES  COMFORT  AND
                                                                             PROTECTION TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. WE’VE MADE IT EASY TO
                                                                             SWAP OUT YOUR SKATE TONGUE FOR A MODEL THAT DELIVERS A
                                                                             FIT YOUR FOOT WILL THANK YOU FOR.

                                                                               TECH 002
                                                                             ONE-PIECE BOOT -
                                                                             THE ONE-PIECE BOOT IS  ALL  ABOUT PURE PERFORMANCE.
                                                                             WITH THIS TECHNOLOGY, PLAYERS GET MORE DIRECT ENERGY
                                                                             TRANSFER AND A CLOSER FIT FOR FASTER FEET.

                                                                               TECH 003
                                                                             SPEEDBLADE XS1

                                                                             BLACK (+2MM)
                                                                             TREATED WITH  AN OXIDE COATING FOR  A LONGER LASTING
                                                                             EDGE, THIS PREMIUM BLADE IS STRONGER, MORE DURABLE
                                                                             AND 12% HIGHER THAN STANDARD BLADES. SPEND LESS TIME
                                                                             WORRYING  ABOUT  YOUR EDGES  AND MORE  TIME SKATING
                                                                             CIRCLES AROUND YOUR OPPONENT.

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